Custom Orders

Would you like a custom design from us? Even though we love comic book, anime, hip hop and pop culture designs we can create nearly any style of art or design you desire. We can create both text based and art based original designs for prints, posters, canvas art, mugs, t-shirts, hoodies and more! Whether you want 1 item, 10 items, 100 items, 1,000 items, or even 10,000 items or more we have you covered!


For example if you need 200 hundred t-shirts for a family reunion, your church gathering, or maybe for some special event let us know. Our average price for a premium high quality original design is $170.00 but can be a lot less or slightly more depending on the complexity of your desired design.


After the design is created by us you can place an order of how many t-shirts, posters, mugs etc you want and we will have them printed and shipped to you in no time. Classic unisex t-shirts are $16.99 and prices vary for other items. If you would like to place an order with us or have questions we're happy to help! Email us your request at to get started.